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Python memory profiling and speed benchmarks for the Draft.js exporter

Ever heard of Draft.js? We are rebuilding Wagtail’s rich text content management using this rich text editor framework from Facebook. Apart from a new editor, Draftail, we also needed an exporter to convert Draft.js content to HTML: the aptly-named draftjs_exporter.

In this post I’ll focus on this critical piece of the puzzle, which needs to operate as fast as possible regardless of how much content it has to handle. Memory profiling and benchmarks in a Python ecosystem were new to me, so here is what I learned along the way.

Writing about Wagtail

I’m doing more and more of it!

Here are two recent posts I’m very proud of:

Both come from my involvement with Wagtail development sprints (as a member of the core developer team), in the Netherlands and Iceland. It’s great to be a part of this – more to come!